Date: 07:42:20 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: midnitecrowe
Subject: You are welcome.

Dalek, I want to say very specifically that you are welcome for all the hours of my life I have spent here trying to protect you from the bullying you've encountered on these forums. I've deleted hundreds of messages, banned dozens of users and spilled countless words trying to create a safe space for you on my websites. This was something I felt I needed to do as the hurt that you suffered was palpable and I could not just walk away and allow that sort of environment to flourish, and did not want to see a person pushed away from a place they enjoyed.

On the other hand, anyone who has watched this forum over the years has seen how you bring this upon yourself, constantly. Your defense that "I was only joking, didn't you get it?" is the stalest of all defenses and you would be far better served thinking over the words you type just a little more. You are responsible, little snowflake, for the reactions you generate. Even then I spent my time protecting you because you were so obviously clueless as to how you were sounding.

So sure, run your mouth and then fall back by claiming it was all a shtick if you must. Just don't try to pretend you've not been sheltered here or that I haven't covered for you for years, to my own detriment, not that your asking.

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