Date: 12:04:22 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: Fred
Subject: Parenting licenses

If you saw me today, you would never think that I was the focus of bullying. It has helped me to be strong and productive in life, but has left many scars. I have been involved in programs that are focused on reaching out to groups of school children where we discuss the bully and the bully target. What I have found out through personal experience and class room discussions that many times the parents are as much at fault as the bully and may have been bullies themselves. With the introduction of social media, we have opened up a whole new 'Pandora's Box' to bullies. I wish that I had the answer to stop online bullies. I think parenting would be the place to start, but they usually support the bully. In my case, charges were filed and a court date was set (against me) as the parent defended the bully when I fought back. The charges were later dropped when another target of the same bully came forward. Thanks for letting me vent---good forum topic!

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