Date: 14:17:36 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Thanks for sharing.

I hope my second explanation was helpful, Midnite, in explaining exactly where I was coming from.

I was bullied when I was a 7yo kid by some neighborhood kids who thought I was a tall scrawny sickly kid - I was to a degree. My dad said "enough". He taught me how to box. That ended the problem shortly, including one kid whose dad actually tried to bully my dad, but backed off after he discovered Dad had boxed. We had a fight in a neutral yard, his kid and me. I bloodied the kid so bad that we never heard from Dad or son in the neighborhood again. "Skinny" didn't make me unathletic. That was the last real fight I ever had in my life, at age 7. The other kid I gave a sore nose to went home and chewed his big brother out for egging him on and he and I became best buddies.

Parents are the key. I'd have been in deep doo doo if I ever started a fight or bullied anyone, teased, treated anyone badly and I didn't! I never was fazed by the assholes who treated me like that because I was given a strong sense of self - I simply thought of myself as better than they were.

Pardon me if my natural contrarionism about the latest public fixation, misled you about my feelings on how we should treat each other.

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