Date: 14:39:46 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: OddManOut (
Subject: Re: further clarification, beyond my annoyance

Hi everyone! I usually just lurk here, but I really feel obligated to chime in this time. This is my opinion.
Religion and going to church have nothing to do with morality. When you look at all the kiddie fiddling, saying birth control is a sin and then killing doctors because they are willing to safely perform an abortion for a woman who does not want to be a mother, the millions of people who have been killed in wars because somebody else called God by a different name, and all the other bullshit things that have, and continue to be, done in the name of a possibly imaginary being, it is the most amoral thing around.
When it comes to bullying, organized religion is the absolute worst offender ever. I.e. If you donít do this.. You are damned. If you donít believe what I doÖ you must die.
The first four Commandments are God being a bully. Iím all powerfulÖDo this or Iíll beat you up for all timeÖ.What a dick!
And then there is tithing and/or the collection plate which amounts to ďGive me your lunch money.Ē What a dick!
The rest of the Commandments basically sayÖ.Donít be a dick.
Just donít be a dick. Is it that hard to understand? Iíve understood this since I was a child. Make people happy, not sad. Look at your behavior and be proud of what you do and who you are. Make the world a better place for you being here. No-one needs to go to church to get this. Itís common sense unless you are mentally deficient in some way and then church ainít gonna help anyway. It might even make it worse.
I donít need to go to church to know I shouldnít behave like a greedy, self centered, jackass.
O.K. rantís over. Thanks for reading.

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