Date: 15:41:37 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Bully for you..!

What he said...

Religion does not make a man either evil or virtuous. All of us have the capacity for both, and belief in a dogma does nothing to fundamentally change that.

When it comes to moral behavior, I'll trust a person who has attained a deep level of self awareness and self honesty over anyone who ascribes to a specific dogma -- any dogma.

Self deception, in my view, is the root of most evil, and only a moment by moment awareness that within ourselves we posses a nearly infinite capacity for self delusion, self justification and deceit can true morality begin to thrive.

Religion CAN lead a person to self awareness, but is just as likely or more likely to blind a person to their own imperfections. Beware the man who thinks himself virtuous, for he is capable of unspeakable horrors.

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