Date: 18:43:21 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Tribalism and jobs...

By the way, if you think my example about jobs is off target and unimportant, consider that a recent Oxford study concluded that about 50% of all jobs will disappear over the next 25 years due to mechanization and the emergence of AI.

We're already dealing with massive economic instability worldwide because of the radically inequitable distribution of jobs and resources (think about those boat load after boat load of people who go down trying to cross the Mediterranean to get from Africa to Europe). Now think about the same issues, only with ANOTHER half of the world's people unemployed.

Do you think living in the conservative wonderland of Oklahoma is going to protect you from the instability which will result if we don't START TO THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF GLOBALLY? I don't.

Let me give you just one reason why clinging to outdated and ineffective tribal identities won't keep the wolves at bay. Young people in America, those under thirty, no longer believe in capitalism. They wanted Bernie Sanders. They think the system is irretrievably broken. They are increasing in number ever year with staggering inevitability. How many more people have to realize that the system isn't going to provide for them before they conclude, rightly, that our government has become a mechanism to protect the economic interests of the few at the expense of the many?

You think FDR was a mistake? He was nothing compared to the revolution that's coming as someone has to address how to keep things working while the environment itself turns against us (because, of course, any idiot knows that global warming is real, and that it's going to make everything really difficult while we figure out how to adapt t it).

Trump represents a last gasp and grasp at embracing strategies which have been failing for long time, and trying to go even further, faster in the wrong direction. Trump is tribalism personified. Trump is the last hope of the ignorant, and the ignorant, frankly, have no hope. We will either start to address the world's most pressing problems with global solutions, or we will face the collapse. And after that...who knows what happens.

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