Date: 22:46:31 on Saturday, July 08, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: I can't believe....

That you guys play baseball in the dead of winter......

None the less, we'll see youze guys in Williamsport, Pennsylvania this August.

Best of luck......kick some ass, this time...:)

Practice the Jap "double steal" technique with runners at the corners with less than 2 outs.

A sure fire "small ball" way to score runs.....except against the Japs...LOL

This technique is with a baserunner on 1st AND 3rd, with the pitch, the runner at 1st fakes a steal of 2nd stopping half way....

The opposing team's catcher throws to 2nd to get the base-stealer soon as the catcher throws to 2nd, the runner on third breaks for home and scores.

With the infield dimensions, it's physically impossible for the runner to be thrown out at home by the 2nd baseman or shortstop.

The only defense is to have the catcher throw to the pitcher instead of the 2nd baseman or shortstop....and then the pitcher can throw the runner out at home.

You can bet money that the Japs will pull this on your team if you are playing them....they do it every year.

And it seems like nobody gets wise to this.

Call the Aussie little league and tell them....they'll listen to

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