Date: 03:58:27 on Sunday, July 09, 2017
Subject: I copped it too

DON'T you worry. I think most of us who were more intellectual and/or had disabilities as well, were targets!

You are RIGHT too about the parents often being to blame or have some responsibility! Witnessed it 1st hand as a kid, 1 kid picked on me 1 day, and his pos mum told him to smack me 1! (SOME mother hey?) You CAN'T win against bullies when their parents support their bully boy/girl behaviour.

Then you have the genuinely at a loss, decent parent, who has NO clue of how to address their child's behaviour.

I guess it is just a part of western social hierarchy we sadly seem to subscribe to, maintaining it self. Possibly an EVOLUTIONARY hold over. It may BE something far more BASE than we hitherto realised!

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