Date: 10:20:31 on Sunday, July 09, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Cuts in front

That's a defense against that

But for the LL'rs, they don't yet have the "arms".

Plus, the basepaths are shorter....while the relay time of the throw still takes about the same time.

Works for the older guys, but for the LL'rs, a fast runner at 3rd will nearly always prevail.

There is one other defense for the LL' that's for the catcher to either not throw down to 2nd....or better yet, to fake a throw to 2nd and then throw to 3rd....if the runner at 3rd gets "suckered".

I just think the LL'rs....if they get to the "big show"....should run some "drills" and practice this...

Also, in the last few years, have you noticed they've moved the outfield fence back by several feet.....some of these kids can "crank" the ball over 300' now.....

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