Date: 15:35:37 on Sunday, July 09, 2017
Name: Anonymous
Subject: Well...

It SHOULD be getting more difficult to pull the wool over people's eyes, I agree, but you also have to admit that we now have Trump, so the actual evidence is not encouraging.

Merely having the means to communicate and disperse information in new ways doesn't guarantee that people are capable of using that information to make intelligent decisions. Instead, it's like we have opened Pandora's Box.

I don't think any of us were quite prepared for how sophisticated various techniques of propaganda have become, or understood how effectively deeply held biases could be used to manipulate people's perceptions. We have a significant portion of our population that will accept that up is down or that night is day, so long as it's fed to them the right way by sources whom they have come to trust.

The far right in America has had huge success at creating an alternative world which is largely disconnected from the reality which most of the world lives in. So we end up with things like Trump pulling us out of the Paris Agreement -- something which is so staggeringly off key that it has probably cost the nation more of its credibility than Bush's ill advised adventure in Iraq.

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