Date: 18:31:02 on Sunday, July 09, 2017 [Post edited: 18:33:01 07/09/2017]
Name: boomersooner
Subject: In summation

Language, or misuse of language, is everything. If "Mean teasing" is suddenly upgraded to "bullying", then what does that doe to the more serious problem, real bullying?

Its obvious to me that the people who did the " commercials, decided that using "teasing" would not have the impact; so they appropriated "bullying" to describe what really wasn't bullying, but just cruel teasing and harassment and - hurtful and something to work against, yes, but not at the level of seriousness as real bullying.

Such misuse of language leads to a whole new meaning for various words in our media dominated world and corrupts the language. Most folks will probably think - "I didn't know that was bullying, and gradually internalize it themselves".

I could give all sorts of examples: alleged criminal acts crimes that aren't even crimes, etc, etc.

No dpoubt I should have included all this in my initial comment and maybe saved some space, ultimately. When I try to be brief, it never seems to work somehow.

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