Date: 21:52:54 on Sunday, July 09, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Or

Sometimes the bully simply miscalculates. There were brothers(actually, one in particular) in my son's grade school and playing LL baseball, who were real behavior problems - the bigger was a mean bully. He once hit a kid in the head with a board and eventually ended up in a special school. One dad my boy, much smaller than said bully, came home and told me he had karate kicked the bully in the stomach and put him on the ground - hard on the ground. A teacher saw it(my son was covering his bases by telling me, as instructed). I asked him what the teacher said Answer: "Now you really shouldn't do that, T...y. I never heard a word about it from the school. Of course, that was then. Now, I don't know...

Actually the bullying kid later ended up as a starter on the high school football team and got a scholarship to a small college. You shouldn't give up on kids.

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