Date: 10:09:03 on Monday, July 10, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Third party...

Fox News, for example.

PS - That first Anon above was me; I figured that was obvious.

I think it's laziness more than anything, Vic; laziness, and a sense of privilege which inclines one to think "I'm owed this regardless of what I do or think, or how much I work for it".

It's hard work to think for yourself, and it's a process which takes years to develop the skills. So if someone hands you ready made solutions, and they happen to fall in line with deep seated prejudices too ("That Obama isn't even an American; he was born in Kenya") the lazy path is to simply go along and not resist.

Basically I'm part of that first generation of people who grew up with TV instead of parenting (maybe you are too -- I don't know), and we always wondered if those kids (us kids), most of them, would develop the skills they would need later in life. I think we have at least a partial answer now.

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