Date: 11:38:03 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: New accounting...

(I can't get that clip to play in my browser, but I've been reading good summaries about the impact of the recent bombshell from all over the web this morning. The gun smoketh!)

Let me shift gears for a moment, Vic.

Why don't you go to the new forum and establish an account:


Because we could start a discussion, about Trump for example, and it would have several key differences from a conversation begun here:

1. The responses would always and automatically be in order (none of the having to read time stamps to try to figure who was responding to what post stuff).

2. The thread would remain accessible forever (or until intentionally deleted).

3. As soon as someone adds a new post, the thread returns to the top of the stack. So the only way to miss new content is because you were trying to, because all of the threads with new content are at the top of the stack.

The conversation about Trump is (unless they start impeachment proceedings today) going to go on for a while. Lets get some discussions going which can develop as new information becomes available, and where we don't keep starting from scratch.

See you over there too?

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