Date: 17:21:14 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Name: midnitecrowe
Subject: You are not extremely uncomfortable with this?

I cannot fathom how that can be.

The American intelligence services seem to believe that Russia made a massive push to meddle in this election, and they are in fact quite confident that Putin himself was involved. That wikileaks is working with Russia also seems beyond dispute, and the level of penetration that those weaponized leaks enjoyed was astonishing. Russian propaganda was allowed into your living rooms on a massive and nation altering scale.

After months of denials to now learn that the people closest to Trump had intentionally met with a Russian agent offering help to Trump is very damning. We're also being asked to believe that all three of these men, and the others who obviously knew, never told Trump? And they allowed Trump to go out and deceive the American people? Or, Trump found out long ago and sat on it in the same manner he did with Flynn. Hard to know for sure if the white house is rife with people tricking Trump or if Trump was aware and just piles more lies on top of more lies.

One wonders if Putin was being gracious by not outing this information earlier, or by not asking for something in return for his continued silence. Putin must have known and it would be strange for the ex head of the mother-effing KGB to not think that that is something that could also be weaponized.

And what an odd time to add a casual defense of Putin, of all things and people. Putin is a monstrous little tyrant, and one that just avenged the collapse of his favourite empire. I'm amazed at the love affair that Trump and his supporters have for the murderer. Seriously, that is a really indication of what is valued.

To say that Obama and Putin enjoyed an amicable relationship suggests the salient points of that relationship were overlooked, if I'm being kind. Obama smacked Putin with sanctions and that Putin loathed them. "I'll have more flexibility" was your President bullshitting a dictator who deserved to be bullshitted. Good.

Trump wants to lift sanctions on Russia, of course.

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