Date: 18:16:35 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Name: Anonymous
Subject: Badges? We ain't got no stinkin badges...

Oh, I'm not going to posture or pretend that I'm neutral in all this (you may well be -- I'm not suggesting otherwise), or that I think of it as an exchange of ideas. I don't.

We now live in an Orwellian semi-fascist state, where information has become weaponized. There are not numerous truths to choose from (anymore than there are alternative facts). There is truth, and there is deception. I may know exactly what the truth is, but I can sometimes see what's deception with ease. That's the case here.

The idea that Trump is innocent, and that this is merely Democrats trying to rerun the election is absurd.

I think of this battle as reality in confrontation with a highly organized propaganda front, which intentionally distorts the truth with staggering regularity, and with great vigor and resources, and which employs an army of uncritical useful idiots as one of its tactics of deception (we have some of those idiots here).

The right wing strategists, employing the well oiled propaganda machine as their weapon of distraction, has decided that the best way to diffuse the growing body of evidence that Trump has committed what amounts to acts of treason is to blame it on the left, and claim it's exaggerated. So for many many weeks now I have been seeing story after story pushing this idea. This is what the propaganda mill does; decide on the most useful posture, and them promote is using thousands of repeater outlets.

It's an absurd story, of course, and its crumbling under the steady flow of new discoveries and disclosures, and it will ultimately break down. But the purpose is just to sow doubt, to stop people from getting a clear look at Trump's actions, to keep him in power for as long as is possible, and to kick up dust and make it difficult to see the truth clearly. And in those smaller goals, it will be successful.

But I hate liars, and I hate what these industrial scale liars are doing to America. They are breaking it, and I have no confidence that we will ever be able fix it. Democracy can not coexist in a propaganda state. If the propaganda mill continues as it has, our Democracy will fail.

That's what I believe, and it upsets me.

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