Date: 18:54:40 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: You are not extremely uncomfortable with this?

A special prosecutor and both house of Congress are looking into things that might make people uncomfortable? That sounds like politics to me.

Did you read Jarret's article?

I am uncomfortable, because, as I said above,to Vic, it was not a very smart thing to do. I've not made a habit of defending the stupid things Trump and associates have done.

Breaking news, btw: Trump Jr. stated that he would, "in retrospect done things differently".
Very possibly.

When,there is evidence, however, that anyone in the Trump campaign, either directly solicited illegal hacking, then there will be POSSIBLE criminality involved. Otherwise, basically, its all just politics. Remember the info that Trump, Jr., was supposed to get had to do with Clinton's dealings with Russia, which the Russian lawyer didn't produce.

Whether we like Putin personally or not, there is no reason to believe, we will ever get anyone essentially different as head of the Russian state. You know the history as well as I do. Their system is still is a step up from the old totalitarian Soviet Union with it's global ambitions and ideology. We are not at war with Russia, even if we don't have a very good relationship, atm. Maybe we never will.

I'm much more concerned about China, which is likely more oppressive than Russia because they are smarter and even more devious - and have demonstrated definite ambitions to gain hegemony over Asia, much as Japan did prior to WW2.

You obviously can believe what you want, especially under the circumstances here, lol. But I am still waiting for something more than all the conjured logic, supposed "bombshells" about people talking to Russians, etc.

One last thought. Are we to believe that its ok for the press to accept even classified US information and publish it, however obtained, yet a political campaign cannot? I'm not talking about actually stealing the info, yourself - even the press cannot do that. Not to mention confidential government conversations from people who have sworn themselves to secrecy - true or not. Whose ox is being gored, maybe?

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