Date: 19:33:21 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Name: Yrag

I've read through this whole thread just now, and have a couple observations.

I think everyone here has valid points on this issue, however stop for a minute and think where those points came from?

Everyone contributing to this thread have only said what they've said because of what they have read on the Internet or heard on cable news. Can we really believe anything we read or hear anymore? It seems increasingly difficult to determine the truth in it all. Remember, for Internet reports, as well as cable programs, it's ALL about ratings, and money, money, money. Who can get the scoop first, so folks read or listen to their stuff, and thus they make more money off their advertising. Some will jump on anything with blatant disregard or care for the actual truth, just to attract an audience.

In the end, I, for one, have more faith in our judicial system than in anything else. The special prosecutor will sort out the facts in another year or two (... maybe longer), and only then will we know the whole real truth (IMHO).

Until then, the media (and Trump and his surrogates) will keep us all well entertained ... whether you're laughing at it all, or crying over it all ...

Just sayin' ... my 2 cents

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