Date: 20:05:46 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: I respect the real press as much as the courts...


I appreciate you piping in with your comments; we need more of that. Let that be my overriding sentiment.

Your main point, however, I disagree with.

I have not had cable in twenty five years, and have not missed it. None of my news comes from cable. And the news I get on the internet I get from the same very high quality sources of REAL JOURNALISM, and these are the same sources which I relied on when I read it in print. The fact that I read it on a screen now is immaterial.

That's really a thing; journalism. It means fact finding and highly disciplined reporting from specialists who are highly trained to report on happenings. I'm talking about sources like the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and numerous other media outlets like NPR and BBC, Reuters and Associated Press. That's a partial list. There are many great journalistic institutions. And no...they are NOTHING like Fox News, which is nearly a pure propaganda outlet.

It's a quaint idea in these modern times, but I'm old school.

Most of the criticism of REAL JOURNALISM comes from the propaganda machine, which has attempted (with a fair amount of success) to protect their content by attacking the legitimacy of the professional press (you know the drill -- they call it fake news).

The position I'm taking here is not uncommon view from people who have had significant and rigorous advanced education. Critical thinkers are attracted to critical thinking. Indeed; it's all they will accept. If someone informs you that they get their news from Fox, for example, it is an admission (whether they realize it or not) that they do not rely, depend on, or even utilize critical thinking. It really is that simple."they DON'T all do it", and no "they aren't all like Fox News, just on the other side of the issue". I think the political left did itself a huge disservice when it concocted the stupid idea of making CNN "like Fox News, only from the left side of the aisle" (or so I have heard -- I haven't watched CNN since the early ninties).

I too have a lot of faith that the judicial system is uniquely qualified and prepared to deal with the likes of Trump. They deal with liars, and all of the various games liars play when trying to deceive, and they are quite well equipped to prevail when confronted with them. I doubt that Trump will ever see the inside of a courtroom, but I think many of his people will, and possibly his children.

When the stink gets to be intolerable (and Congress realizes that their heads are on the block) they will act to remove Trump. I hope it is sooner rather than later. I expect we'll see some of Trump's people under indictment with the year.

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