Date: 22:40:47 on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Name: Yrag
Subject: Re: I respect the real press as much as the courts...

My "main" point was meant to be my ending ... that we won't truly know the whole truth until the Special Counsel has completed his investigation.

I do appreciate your points regarding journalism and critical thinkers, however I still think quite a bit of what is currently called (or suppose to be) journalism simply isn't what it once was, and there are too few critical thinkers ... and the ones that exist are too often silent.

Unfortunately I think it will take an immense stink to get Congress to remove Trump. Republicans do have the majorities in both houses, but they don't want the stain of removing a Republican president ... and they also are afraid of his base.

The oddest part of this whole issue is that the common take was that if Clinton were elected, she would be embroiled in legal battles and investigations up the wazoo, and instead Trump is the one in the hot seat ...

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