Date: 02:58:10 on Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: This is incomprehensible gibberish

I assume that most of the phrases in this incoherent rant refer back to sound bites or stories from Fox, or some similar source. Since I don't listen to right wing jingoism, I am left to simply read the words as they are written, and I admit, I'm completely lost. I get some vague, general anti-progressive attitude, and a deep sense of outrage. But that's about it.

There isn't one single complete, intelligible idea in this entire mishmash. It reads like a string of code words and phrases, each of which, I'm guessing, refers to some specific and separate conspiracy theory, or supposed scandal. But as a piece of writing, it's nonsensical babble, and it does not even remotely relate to the issues which it pretends to comment on.

I mean, I understand your reference to Clinton's issues with her emails, but how does that relate to anything which Crowe said in the post you are pretending to comment on? It COULD be revelant, if you linked it to something Crowe said, but you don't. You just drop it without any context as though just by doing so it fits. It doesn't fit. It's just a complete non sequitur. You can go right down the list, and it's the same over and over again. You don't address the issues Crowe raised, but you bring in a seemingly random set of issues where you have grievances with the left.

But that's not how conversations work. You're doing it wrong.

It's not that I disagree with your contributions (and here I'm speaking both about this post above, and several others you made over the last 24 hours); it's that I believe you are engaged in an entirely different conversation altogether. I have no idea who might be on the other end of that conversation, but I know for certain it isn't with anyone here, or at least not with anyone's WRITTEN words.

If you can't understand the comments you are responding to, and in some fashion respond to what you have read, then you're going to continue to get grief. Not because of your politics, but because most of your posts are borderline illiterate. They simply make no sense in the context of the overall discussion.

This is what makes it look like you're trolling; the fact that you so often simply don't make any sense.

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