Date: 22:02:13 on Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Fair enough.

WRT your comment:

" 'He Who Defines the Terms Controls the Argument' tactic"

So I guess we agree on something. You might(or not,ftm) recall:

I might tend to include a new stretch for the term "values" I've been seeing around the web by others and yourself. My definition is a bit narrower and goes into my OPINIONS along with pragmatism, evidence, history and perspective, logic(AKA common sense)and finally filtered by my assessment of current reality.

Here is perhaps a better article than Jarret's from Alan Dershowitz( well known practicing legal scholar) found on Fox, and a couple others.


And a couple more that contain similar material, with video:

"Real Clear politics":

"The Hill"

The response you see from people like myself to this whole Russia/Trump thing has a lot to do with what we perceive to be the exaggeration and distortion by the MSM media and the Left beyond all reason. The whole "kit and kaboodle" has turned into a mass version of Fox's Hannity show from the opposite side..

Enough. I have work to do on a project connected with an HBO series about to start it's 7th season.
People might be interested in that than my political opinion. And a beer and dinner awaits. No one to cook it for me, though.

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