Date: 22:54:10 on Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: A Republican willing to say "Collusion."

I have information below on this,in my response to you, Midnite, regarding terms like "Collusion" and "Treason" that have been floating around, from an actual legal expert**.

Remember that a lot of Republicans( I'm now an Independent) dislike Trump immensely because he tromped on their feelings as well.
My take on what is happening tends to be a bit more measured.


Some things for perspective,

1. "Watergate"( it's been mentioned in discussions in the media).

It was about a real crime of Burglary and actually illegal obstruction. It also was a part of a series of actions coordinated by Nixon's White House while he was IN OFFICE using government time and resources. Nothing has been disclosed at this point that is even remotely close to that situation - NOTHING.

2. It's all about a president who improbably won an election over an incompetent, arrogant and disliked politician. There were all sorts of things publicly disclosed in the campaign and before about Hillary that had NOTHING to do with any web related falsehood that the Russians might have been behind or embarrassing disclosures from hacked e-mails. I might add that Trump made the press look like idiots with his victory - which probably was hard for them to swallow, to say the least.

3.Then there is Hillary and the Ukraine:


This "Slate" artcle tries to minimize things, but does not deny the essential facts:

Notice that the Politico piece somewhat justifies Donald Jr.'s interest(if not his naivete)in what the Russian Lawyer claimed to possess, due to Hillary's known connections.This was supposed to be info gleaned FROM Russia, not the US, also.


** I regret have to refer to different posts, but the thread has blown up so much, that otherwise it would be well nigh impossible for anyone to find what I was referring to.

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