Date: 10:24:45 on Thursday, July 13, 2017
Name: Anonymous
Subject: What he said...

Bingo, Vic. The distraction machinery isn't going to knock Mueller off his path.

If there's evidence which can be discovered, it will eventually get out.

I believe there's already enough known, but not yet made public, to end this thing now -- but you tread carefully when you're going to topple a king, so it has to play out in stages. And if the evidence is lacking (doubtful, but possible) then all of this will end up meaning little.


My hunch right the beginning (based on the way things happened, the nature and timing of the leaks, Trump's bizarre segue about Obama bugging Trump Tower, his battles from day one with the intelligence services, etc) is that Trump or his people stumbled into an intelligence net which was in place to spy on the Russians (Wait, we spy on the Russians?), and they were caught colluding.

I think they got caught dead to rights, and I think Trump realized early on that they were caught and on the record. If you look at it through that lens, then a lot of Trump's most bizarre behavior actually starts to make sense. It's been a series of desperate ploys to avoid the inevitable consequences.

That explains why every time this thing starts to cool off, a new leak emerges which ramps it up again. Somebody knows more than they can reveal openly, but they can, and are, leaving a trail of crumbs pointing the inquisitors in the right direction, and making sure that Trump does not really have the option to use the power of his office to squash this or hide the evidence. Someone, or someones know more than they can reveal, and they are playing Deep Throat to Trump's Nixon.

My hunch is that at this point, Mueller already knows he has enough on Trump to bring him down IF AND ONLY IF THE INFORMATION IS HANDLED PROPERLY. So he proceeds, slowly and carefully, but also with great confidence.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty good at reading tea leaves, and I think the odds that it eventually comes out this way are better than 50/50.

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