Date: 12:24:48 on Thursday, July 13, 2017
Name: Drangd (
Subject: Re: A Republican willing to say "Collusion."

Good points

The words that are being used by the press and others is disesentful on purpose. They want a negative reaction by the listeners.
The morning show on CBS with Charley Rose used to broadcast that asking the right question got the right answer. I wrote CBS and asked when did it become their job to direct the news to their idea of correct. I must not have been the only one, the adds stopped quickly.

Some of the news personalities by expression and words dislike the elected president. That is their right. It is not their right to use said position to try and change the masses ideas of correct. They report the news their way not in a fair way.

This is the first time a business man was elected to this office. A business man not a political operative, with relationships/ties to other world leaders. Is it reasonable to think that because of the campaign and the election that these relationships should stop on a dime? It is not reasonable and we all know it. Mistakes are made, have been and will be made. They are just humans with all of our faults.

A reasonable person will listen to the WORDS that the speaker is using. Then decide if they want to lead down the path the speaker is providing.
There is a majority of reasonable people in this great country. A few people have the bully pulpit and are using it for THEIR end, their idea of right. Only problem they did not see the tide going out.

GW Bush stood on the box behind the podium and said to the effect that I will not talk to terrorists. If you do not talk to people what is your other choice? We need to communicate not talk to one and other. Communication will lead to consensus and then the government may work again.
In a lot of ways this is the same situation Obama had at the end of his presidency.

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