Date: 17:16:10 on Thursday, July 13, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Re: If Trump is having a bad day...


You know, the funny thing is, they would be so much better at it, and a much more powerful force to be reckoned with if they weren't so ridiculously extreme and mono-dimensional. When they decide on a new party line, the next day a thousand sites all start singing the exact same song. All of the articles on the right wing sites say more or less the same thing, and, yeah, you can tell what the news is really about by simply looking at what they aren't covering.

The message delivery is so unsubtle that it's just a little bit ridiculous. No, scratch that, it's a lot ridiculous.

But I suppose you have to look broadly at a lot of media to see that pattern. If you just turn on Fox, and leave it running in the background all day, you have no basis for comparison.

Clearly, for some segments of the population it works well enough. People show up here and at other forums where I post and repeat the Fox News party line, and they appear to be sincere when they indicate that they believe it. You know the drill -- the real treason is the stuff Obama got away with (unspecified, and don't ask what it was he did), Hillary is the one who REALLY colluded with Russia, not Donald, and all the rest is just fake news.

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