Date: 19:56:44 on Thursday, July 13, 2017
Name: midnitecrowe
Subject: Maybe that's all you have evidence for.

Quickly then.
We have a massive amount of evidence that Trump's people are willing too coordinate with the Putin government to secretly aid their election chances, which is illegal

We have a massive amount of evidence indicating that these people are willing to lie to the public and on their security papers to cover up this attempt at collusion.

We have ample evidence to indicate that people in the Trump administration exposed themselves to blackmail from Russia and perhaps others. People who think that emails should be kept secure, such as myself, are also very eager that those in power do not expose themselves with kompromat.

We are being asked to believe that these people kept all of this secret from Trump. The best case scenario is that Trump was kept in the dark during all of these months of talk about Russia while his own family kept this hidden.

We know that the Trump people attacked their political opponents with accusations that those around Trump knew to be false.

We know that we're being asked to believe, by a Russian agent and a repeated liar, that there was nothing more to this.

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