Date: 05:34:48 on Monday, July 17, 2017
Subject: Who? NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo

Sorry, the majority have already voiced their displeasure! The Doctor (what ever his real Gallifreyan name is) was born a male, and has regenerated as a male. It's a big blow to the canon to make a male Timelord regen, and change sex at the same time! So will she now be referred to as a Timelady? Hmm!

A bit too much PC SJW sneaking into a British institution!

Female Timeladies regen to other women of the same species, and so did the men of Gallifrey!

NOW she'll be surrounded by all these cute BOY sidekicks!

(LESS Eye candy for us! I totally loved Jenna Coleman, she is SO CUTE!)

Anyhoo, it's already NOT without precedent. The Master, (Brilliantly played by John Simm) has regenerated, after being presumed completely deceased, as the mysterious 'Missy', aka The Mistress aka The Master!

Look, I'm sure she'll be great, but it will NEVER be the same!

MY 2cents!

(Been a Whovian since at least early 70's reign of John Pertwee and tom Baker!)

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