Date: 11:11:39 on Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Name: Yrag
Subject: Re: Health care bill

Agreed. The Republicans have been talking about replacing Obamacare for at least 7 years now. If they were really serious, then why have they sad on their hands all this time, and not come up with an adequate replacement that will work, and will garner votes from both sides of the aisle? They're all just useless ... I don't know why we keep sending these idiots back to Washington every election cycle.

It's like Trump's travel ban. It was suppose to be for 90 days so they could figure out how to do extreme vetting. Then when it got caught up in the courts, they proceeded to sit on their hands and do nothing for those 90 days, which have now passed. So was this really needed/so important?

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