Date: 12:11:48 on Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Name: Drangd (
Subject: Re: Too old to lead or be elected

I retired in the last two years. I fought employers HR departments for the last 10 years. Got a call from an old employer last week, they wanted to talk about me doing specific training for their new crop of graduates. Laughing I declined, she was confused. Trying to rehire by the same person who fired me is not paying attention.
There is enough discrimination out there, without adding age to it.

Exceptions to the rule as always, take John McCain. He has been out of touch with Arizona for the last 12 years. This last election was close but not all that close.

Age and treachery will win over youth and exuberance every time. You have to get older so that people owe you and you can do as you want.

I certainly will resist any form of competence testing for old fogies like me.

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