Date: 15:54:50 on Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Name: Anonymous
Subject: That packaging is inadequate...

You can see in the video that the packing is inadequate. It's simply two layers of cardboard with minimal other cushioning between the amp and outside.

It should have bubble wrap between the boxes, or popcorn (Styrofoam pieces), or Styrofoam corner clocks at a minimum (the thin cardboard edging on the amp simply doesn't absorb enough shock). Look at how computers ship, or monitors, or printers.

I'm not putting up a defense of UPS (I have no position on that) but the manufacturer must certainly know that their packaging is going to result in a lot of damaged amps.

I think all shippers are rough with boxes, and it's up to the entity doing the packaging to do a job which is adequate to survive fairly rough treatment.

PS -- I can't believe the back of he speaker enclosure is completely open. You would lose most of your sound output due to phase cancellation (there's a reason speakers are put inside sealed boxes). If that were my amp, I would close the back up, and I would expect the sound output to at least double as a result. And if you can't close the back because of heat output from the tubes, then the design if flawed. The fight way is to build a separate enclosure for the speaker and amp so that you can vent the one and seal the other.

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