Date: 02:49:29 on Thursday, July 20, 2017
Subject: Re: That packaging is inadequate...

Box move seller basically, it would be factory packaging from China! I agree, totally inadequate for INDIVIDUAL shipping. They would have got them in a container, so it's good enough for bulk shipping.

As to the design of the amp, it's horses for course. There is a GOOD reason why valve combos are called 'valve torture chambers'!

I only have head and speakers normally, the speakers all being closed back.

However, you would be HARD pressed to find a valve combo amp with a closed back! In fact I can't ever recall seeing a closed back valve combo, in my 30+ years of playing music!

The only other combo I have is a bass amp, (Behringer BLX900A)and that is a solid state bass amp.

The previous combo I used to own was a BUGERA V5, 5W valve combo, it too was open backed and was loud as fuck for 5 watts! Only had an 8" speaker in it.

I agree with your position in theory, but in real life terms, a closed back combo is not a good idea. If I get a replacement I may seal the back of it, but leave the vented panel there.

Thanks Anon and ROCK on!

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