Date: 14:01:44 on Friday, July 21, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Trump's circling the wagons...

Spencer didn't resign. He got the boot. Trump is going through another round of rearranging the deck chairs to try to get himself out of the fix he's in (and he foolishly still thinks his primary problem is public relations).

The fact that Trump is getting all twitchy right now (why not a month ago -- what's changed?) has to do with the fact that Mueller has made it clear he's going to look at Trump's finances. And Trump realizes that if Mueller does that, it's all over.

Weird, eh? I mean, if I had to look anywhere for a smoking gun, where do you suppose I'd look first? Trump is so remarkably unsubtle that he's like one of those dumb crooks who leaves his wallet at the scene of the crime. You can tell where the bodies are hidden just by watching his reactions.

I think this is going to come down to the most obvious of explanations. Trump borrowed a lot of money from the Russians (nobody else would lend to him) and when he couldn't meet his obligations they gave him an ultimatum; work for us, or we bring down your whole empire. And Trump works for Putin now; they bought him and they own him.

It's going to turn out to be exactly what it has looked like all along.

I expect that Trump will try to seize power in some fashion, try to fire Mueller, try to pardon himself, try to deny that the courts have jurisdiction over him if it comes to that. I wouldn't even put it past him to try to call out troops to support his claim to power. This man is desperate and dangerous and unstable. It's a good time to keep your head down, and keep lots of groceries on hand.

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