Date: 19:30:31 on Friday, July 21, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: A serious answer...

You scenario breaks down a couple of lines in. If Pence DID get himself into the presidency, the last thing in the world he'd do would be to let Trump back anywhere near the place.

The only reason anyone would ever want to BE a vice president is because of the possibility it affords to potentially someday become president. Nobody would ever agree to let the top job go if they had ever secured it.

I mean...he might pretend to take the job on the condition that he'd surrender it down the road. But that would be like asking someone to stay in your house and protect your wife's virtue (and she looks like a young Bridgette Bardot) while you were away in prison for twenty years.

Sure...I'll watch over her real close. Oh, and yeah, I'll give you the presidency back in a few months too.

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