Date: 21:45:47 on Friday, July 21, 2017
Name: OddManOut
Subject: Re: Constitutional Crisis...

Sorry if I'm slightly off topic but here's my 2 cents:
I remember going through Watergate, just a kid, but it left a very foul memory for me. The people whom we chose to speak for us and represent our best interest failed us. It was bad no matter your political bent. That is, until the system of checks and balances proved it works. That was great!
Ö..then Ford pardoned Nixon. That was a disgrace.
If we have to go through the messy process of a possible impeachment, it happens, and it is successful, I sure hope that no pardons of any kind are given. Maybe the crap wonít happen again.
While Iím liberal I really, really, really donít want to see this happen again. It is good for no-one.
Going back to a previous thread regarding having trust in the judicial system: Iím kinda getting tired of the privileged getting away with stuff because they can afford better lawyers and to bleed a person dry keeping things tied up in court forever. Justice cannot be served under these circumstances.

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