Date: 19:10:25 on Thursday, July 27, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: National Review; no shake up can succeed...

To put it simply, I have always like everything about Trump - except Trump.

Goldberg, one of my favorite writers( probably the best on NR, since Buckley - not comparing them) put it very well. There is nothing to disagree with, though some on the left might swear that the press hasn't been grossly unfair or almost psychotically biased - which is hard for me to swallow. I'll argue about that til the cows come home. Trump being Trump in the campaign amazingly worked, but as Brit Hume, another one of my favorites pointed out on Fox, in so many words, it doesn't work as President.

I'm wondering if Trump might not be the first elected President not to be renominated by his party since Franklin Pierce - with the result of a Trump third party run, and Democrat being handed the election?
Bernie Sanders? Can the country stand a back to back like that?

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