Date: 09:22:33 on Friday, July 28, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Re: Adumbdumb...

Nobody (except you, obviously) is trying to replay the election here. You should posture less and think more. The notion that this is about trying to replay the election is a fiction created and nursed by the extreme right, and the fact that you're promoting that idiotic idea shows the limits of your abilities to understand what's happening around you.

The issue on the table is about removing Trump because he so manifestly unqualified for the job, and because he represents -- given his psychological instability and unsuitability for the position he holds -- a great danger to the country.

So the discussion which is going on, largely in whispers, is about removing Trump from power and allowing the Vice President to take over.

Given that I would never in a thousand years vote for Pence for any office including dog catcher, that should indicate to you how seriously I (and a great many others on both sides of the aisle) consider Trump to represent an actually threat to the well being of America.

This isn't posturing on my part. Trump is basically fucking nuts, and there's no obvious or reasonably limit on what he might do or how badly he could misunderstand a situation he could easily find himself in. Trump is fundamentally unstable, and his judgment is flawed. We have create the nightmare scenario of putting a mad man in the Oval office with his finger on the nuclear trigger. Doctor Strangelove has come to life.

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