Date: 18:03:10 on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 [Post edited: 18:20:14 07/26/2017]
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Observations on new setup

Midnite invited feedback.

First off, I mostly strongly approve of the new bbCode setup - I've been in favor of that since day one.

Problems I've( and others) noticed, so far.

1. The Catcha, I mean Captcha ;), is way too difficult I'm used to captchas and had to try multiple times, til I got bounced. I finally passed the test. Do we want to discourage registration?

2.Not being able to post without registering may
help a lot with spam, something I understand as far as the host's perspective and do not underestimate, but one of the endearing features of Odd has been its unique openness. You could lurk, then get bravely post something. After some acceptance and realization that it's easy, register. Registration with unique fonts IS also a good way to avoid having your name trolled - a plus for registration. On the other hand I still worry if enough folks will register to keep things hopping over time. Just a thought.

3. I still like " <Land> of Odd". Tradition :)

4. You might, Midnite, want to be cautious with attachments - they could put a load on server space over time, if too freely used, = costs.

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