Date: 13:16:05 on Saturday, July 29, 2017
Name: cougar
Subject: Re: Midnite: fairly simple setting, maybe

Without ever having setup or tweaked any phpBB code(only basic HTML experienced), I'd still venture that this may(or may not) be a function of "Width Percentage".
Seen similar codings in HTML with regards to element widths defined by percentages and absolute values.

Using a Pixel Ruler, I've measured 1180 pixels width in Firefox and Chrome, on a 1360x768 monitor. This is about 85%.

On another machine with a 1024x768 monitor, I've observed a similar [forum width]/[screen width] ratio.

It probably takes "god level" permissions to access the relevant parameters, so I can't say where to look for it.

Short of setting up my own "dummy practice" forum to learn from, this article of someone else doing similar stuff might might be something more like what we're talking.

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