Date: 16:43:40 on Saturday, July 29, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Re: Midnite: fairly simple setting, maybe

Glad you chimed in, cougar, seeing as you actually know something about this stuff - especially HTML

The link I provided above gave directions to a setting.. or did I miss something( given my personal knowledge base setting = 0, very possible)?

I didn't necessarily mean "easy" or "obvious" when I said "simple" - just that it seemed from my reading at most a couple or so settings. There is a lot of documentation to help the right person accomplish it.

Speaking, as you did, of making a dummy forum(on your own computer), that can be done, I found, but THAT is definitely NOT simple, lol. The bbCode won't install without a local server setup.I thought about using my old XPS laptop to try, but if folks want movies, ever again I'd best defer that.

Anyway, here,

Probably a topic, at this point, for Tech.

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