Date: 09:09:53 on Friday, July 28, 2017
Name: Looneytoons
Subject: Don't even blink...

You're right that Trump is first and foremost an attention junkie. But you're wrong in the case of Trump that we could actually stop paying attention to him. It's not an option.

In the American system of government the president simply has too much power to be ignored. Trump is getting attention because he is continually breaking things which are important, and threatening other things which he might break down the road.

The only way to deal with a destructive and dangerous personality like Trump's is to get him out of power.

The simple truth is that Trump is dangerous, and we can't afford to ignore him. Ignoring him would be tantamount to handing him unchecked power.

That's why the news outlets have no choice but to continue to confront him on an almost hourly basis; because he launches a continuous stream of bad and dangerous decisions. We don't dare take our eyes off this guy for a second.

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