Date: 23:17:25 on Sunday, August 06, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Saturday Night Fever

I have a good copy of "Omega Man" to rip from for my next one or two classics posts.

Meanwhile I already have this on a host. It's a DVDRip, and not as good as maybe I'd like, but that was the DVD. Some of the older DVDs aren't up to current standards, maybe. But this is watchable
and looks almost exactly the same as the DVD. Info: You can just about multiply HEVC by 4 to compare.Iow, a 1GB h265 copy = a 4GB DVD(Mpeg 2) quality.

"Saturday Night Fever"(1977)


HDRip, .97GB, AAC stereo@128Kbps, Mp4(h265), 720p@1000Kbps, 1:58:58


I will likely include this on a thread I'll start someday with my older classics material, some of which goes back several years and some viewers of this forum might not have seen and is no longer in the archives( certainly won't be after the switch over upcoming soon). I may find a higher resoltion copy at that time.

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