Date: 09:42:16 on Sunday, August 06, 2017
Name: moviefan
Subject: Re: 30-4-30 Doc

Yes, that's the only reason Taiwan wasn't in the LLWS during that period.

Also, the team from Jacky Robinson team from Chicago was busted for jerrymandering districts for players...and lost their title.

Cheating is not uncommon in little league baseball and the officials don't deal with it properly, imo.

The teams that the cheaters beat are still fucked and had to go home.

Two years ago, the team from Mexico(which by the way sends their kids across the border to the USA to public schools)...didn't play all the try to get to the intl. finals...

The LLWS officials ruled that only the coach knew....which is total the kid not played knew he didn't play....and just the coach was suspended for a game...and they kept playing....

Thus cheating other intl. teams from their moment in time...

ALL THE WHILE....wearing a patch on the shoulders of their uniforms...."I WILL NOT CHEAT".

It makes me think there's something going on like we've seen with the exposure of the FIFA scandals in pro soccer.

No matter what, very...very...very few of these children ever make it into MLB. As in that 30-30 episode, they get "burned out" and just give it up.

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