Date: 12:52:00 on Friday, August 11, 2017
Name: midnitecrowe
Subject: The web is a very seductive place.

I think perhaps it's our ability to control our environment on the web that does it, we cocoon ourselves. Sometimes I've felt I've had to shake the cobwebs off and go engage with some people and things I can touch.

It looked like the both of us were away when the forums took a downturn. Social media and apathy saw the viewers here cut from ten thousand a day to a few thousand a week. There was a crash too which I never rebuilt from, choosing to discard the popular fetish material was the final nail in all of that.

Now the place is mostly here for the chats between the newer regs. The old couple who used to do my tech work have moved on (the lady passing away in fact, and she was sweet) and so I'm switching everything over to the more popular forum software so it'll be easier to maintain for myself and for whoever gets it when I turn it over.

I was facebook friends with petal (and may still be?), she's married to a new lady and seemed quite happy.
Ren had a massive stroke and is still confined to his bed.
Other than those we get an occasionally wave from an old-timer, it's nice to have the lights on the porch for when an old friend wants to swing over for a coffee and a hello : )

N is very well, we've both done well in the last five years. When you and I first met we would have still been in our university apartment, and now we've been in our home for a few years. Not sure having to mow a lawn now is my dream come true, but - happy wife = happy life.

All is good with the JOe family I hope, one was just going into university last I recall? Do we have a doctor in the family yet?

Bookmark us up and please always come by when you think of us.

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