Date: 17:28:14 on Tuesday, August 08, 2017
Name: boomersooner
Subject: Announcement

Starting today, I will be placing my movies, etc, over at Society of Odd/Movie House. I encourage anyone interested in saving links from my older posts here at Land of Odd, to copy them NOW while they are still for certain available on the forum and archives. It's possible some will be re-posted at the new place at some point, but there is no guarantee. I'm a slow old guy:), and its often enough for me to keep up with new stuff.

Check frequently what I'm putting up, because there will be a lot of new material and threads in the coming weeks, as I get up to speed with what the new set-up allows me to do here. I think you will be pleased :) with a new world of movies at Midnitecrow's forums.

The link to "Society of Odd" is, again:

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