A few words of explanation.

First of all, I am fine and everything is well. Thank all of you who have emailed me in the last few days with kind words and understandable questions. I will respond to all of you, I do need some time. Please consider me on a sabbatical.

The forums suffered from a break in and everything was wiped out. The purpose seems to have been commercial. I am not interested in pursuing it beyond that. The future of the forums is uncertain. Economic realities are making principled decisions more difficult. In the struggle to remain principled, time must be sacrificed and my time really is very important to me. Perhaps time would be better spent reading more books; some gardening.

If I do come back it will be here. That may be next week, that may be next year, that may be never.

If I donít see you again,
Thanks to all the visitors, it was fun to look at dirty movies, tell jokes and pal around with you all.
Thanks to all my friends, too many to name you are all etched forever in memory.
Thank you to D43 for being my first online friend.
Thank you for Rose for helping me to be kind.
Thank you to Ren for being my story-telling uncle.
Thank you to one most especially to the one who would most likely not have his name made prominent. Your friendship is my favourite memory.